Briarwood Farm Ė The realization of a dream to recreate an old, neglected farm in Eastern North Carolina. It is the goals, dreams, labors of love that provided David and Rita Taylor the strength to turn the neglected land into a small, self-stainable organic farm.

We purchased the twenty two acres of grassland and woodland in 1993 after looking at many, many pieces of land. This old farm spoke to us as soon as we put our shovel in the ground to look at the soil. It wasnít the normal North Carolina red clay; itís was beautiful, warm dark brown rich soil that we found under all the tall grass and weeds.

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Organic ~ Sugar Free ~ No Preservatives ~ No MSG

Hand blended in small artisan batches with organic garlic, organic oregano, organic rosemary, organic basil, natural sea salt and other organic spices!

Acclaimed by local chefs to be superior to the bread dipping seasoning served at famous restaurants!

Blend with extra virgin olive and serve with warm, crusty bread for dipping. Our blend also makes a wonderful marinade for turkey tenderloins, chicken and fish. Brush it on grilled or roasted vegetables.

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